Fifth Month : Teething hurts

This month mom and Nael finally came back to Dammam and to his superhero ‘baba’. After coming back he missed his khalas so much who used to carry him around the house all the time, changed his dirty diapers🚽, bathed 🛁and played with him. But he also made some new friends here in dammam.

Milestones and developments🧠: Slept few times in his cot. He likes to chew everything nowadays; his hands toes, toys, our hands, our clothes and literally everything even our dining table 🤦🏻‍♀️. It’s all because of first teeth coming soon (which I initially thought will come out before 5 #monthsary but I guess they will take more time). Some days he also tasted some solid foods in his mesh pulp feeder which he liked a lot.

His naughtiness is increasing day by day like screaming for getting attention and exploring everything with his hands and mouth. He has started rolling over both sides and learning to crawl. I hope we get to see his crawling soon, although I know that my work around the house will be double when he will start crawling 😄. But still I am waiting to see him crawl #firsttimemom .

Enough with my boring updates ?? 🤥

Now let’s listen what #Naelsays this month

Hey instafam 👻 You know when I came back from Pakistan mama introduced me to a handsome man as my baba (I had forgot baba in 22 days period). I started crying when he held me. But one morning, when he was laying beside me i started getting flashes of his familiar face, loving voice and laughs and talks. And instantly I got my memory back. Ah I remembered that I love my baba 😘 and he loves me.

I am in so pain because of those tiny white things coming in my mouth that you adults called teeth. Mama has tried every teether but I like my sophie 🦒 most. Best part is that occasionally I got to try some new flavors other than milk 🍼 like sweet potato 🍠 , pumpkin 🎃 , apple 🍎 , banana 🍌 , avocado 🥑 and cucumber 🥒.

Pic: Nael in ‘macho man’ mode 👨🏻‍🎤

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