What are Face Oils?

Using face oils are a common trend now. But what should you be using, why, what benefits they have and what are the different ways to use them. The answer to all these questions is covered in this article.

What are Face Oils?

Oils that are applied on the face for a specific skin purpose (such as reducing acne or wound scars, preventing premature aging, skin brightening, reducing fine lines and more) are known as face oils or facial oils.

Oils are like emollients that soften the skin surface and prevent water loss. But they should not be confused with moisturizers because moisturizers give hydration and penetrate deep into the skin while oils act as the sealant or barrier that keeps the moisture in. Without oil, moisture just washes away from your face until the next time you apply a cream.

There are different types of oils that are usually present in the face oils available in the market which are:

Plant oils – extracted from fruits and vegetable seeds. They are high in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins that can nourish the skin by rebuilding and sustaining skin’s outermost lipid barrier. These oils are called carrier oils in face oil blends.

Examples: Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Avocado oil, Argan oil, Pumpkin seed oil etc.

Mineral oils – by-products of petroleum or crude oil. They are commonly present in baby lotions, cold creams, ointments and cosmetics, lightweight and sits on top of the skin so acts a seal and smoothes out the surface, inexpensive and easy to obtain.

Minerals oils are comedogenic which means they can clog your skin pores and increase the chances of acne and blackheads. Also, its just seals the moisture of the skin and doesn’t give any nutrients or benefit to the skin, so its better to avoid buying skincare products containing mineral oil.

Examples: Petroleum jelly, paraffin, glycerol, lanolin etc.

Essential oils – distilled from petals, leaves, stem, bark and even roots of plants, highly concentrated fragrant oils, used for medicinal and health purposes because of their antibacterial, anti-fungal, antidepressant, detoxifying and calming properties. Essential oils are relatively expensive due to their numerous medicinal, beauty and health benefits.

Examples: Lavender essential oil, orange essential oil, tea-tree oil, rose essential oil etc.

Benefits of Face Oils:

There are numerous benefits of using face oils but the choice of right face oil is crucial. Where a right face oil can be wondrous, a bad face oil can result in extremely menacing results. So its very important to choose a right one for your face. The right face oil can:

  • help clear pores of excess sebum (oil that is naturally produced by the skin).
  • reduce inflammation and irritation.
  • promotes healthy glow to your skin.
  • smoothes and nourishes your skin.
  • keeps skin’s vital hydration locked in.
  • increase blood circulation and removes stress.
  • slows down aging process or decrease fine lines on the skin.

Ways To Use Face Oils:

Whether you make your own custom face oils by blending carrier oil and essential oils best suited for your skin type or purchase one from the market (which are expensive though), there are so many wonderful ways to incorporate face oils in your daily routine:

  • Apply a face oil, simply on its own, every night before going to bed.
  • Mix some drops of face oil with the moisturizer.
  • Apply face oil to cleanse the skin.
  • Use face oil as a primer before doing makeup, it will make the foundation application smooth and give luminosity and glow to the face.
  • Pour some drops on buffing brush of foundation or mix directly in the foundation before applying the base.
  • Add some drops of face oil in your face mask before applying to get a glowing effect.
  • Add face oil in your daily skincare routine (after toning and before applying moisturizer).

There are a lot of carrier and essential oils out there and you should always use face oils and other skincare products containing oils suitable to your specific skin type. Here are some of the best carrier oils and essential oils for each skin type (Oily, dry, blemish or acne-prone, sensitive and mature/aging skin).

carrier oils chart


essential oils sheet

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