Preschool Learning at Home – Early learning resources

Learning is a continuous process and generally a really broad term as kids are learning new things and new words from their environment since the day they were born. But the pre-skills that lay the groundwork for the school-based learning to come is what I’ll discuss today.  As cliche as it sounds it’s true that… Continue reading Preschool Learning at Home – Early learning resources

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10 Things to look for Before you Buy the authentic Essential Oils

Buying an essential oil to benefit from it can be a difficult task. The growing market has diluted the pure vendors with adulterated harmful oils mischievously labelled as Essential oils. A few tips can save you bucks and bring in the true healing out of the bottle.


💡Gift ideas for men💡

Buying gifts for men is a difficult task. Gift ideas for men are very limited in my opinion. I don’t buy much clothes/shoes for my husband considering that he might not like or it doesn’t fit. Perfumes and wrist watches are overrated and already gifted several times. So what to give now 🤦🏻‍♀️ So sharing… Continue reading 💡Gift ideas for men💡

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Treating Cold In Babies

A common cold is a viral infection of nose and throat. Nasal congestion, coughs and runny nose are the main indicators of a cold. Coughs are usually dry, but depending on the severity of the cold, baby can have rattling mucus and/or a slight fever.  In this post, I am going to list down some things that me and my husband did… Continue reading Treating Cold In Babies


Seventh Month: Started sitting and First tooth

Although so much happened this month, it still feels that it passed so fast. Nael achieved some big milestones this month mashallah. He has started sitting unassisted as well as grown two tiny teeth finally. Looks so funny while laughing 😆 Celebrated my birthday by giving me a pink rose ☺️ and went to Bahrain… Continue reading Seventh Month: Started sitting and First tooth


Sixth Month : Initial stages of teething and weaning

Can’t believe nael is already 6 months 😯 half way through his first birthday. 6 months ago he was so tiny, sleeping peacefully in my arms and now he can’t stay in my arms for long when he sees something interesting around and jumps or slips down from my lap to grab it. It’s amazing… Continue reading Sixth Month : Initial stages of teething and weaning


Fifth Month : Teething hurts

This month mom and Nael finally came back to Dammam and to his superhero ‘baba’. After coming back he missed his khalas so much who used to carry him around the house all the time, changed his dirty diapers🚽, bathed 🛁and played with him. But he also made some new friends here in dammam. Milestones… Continue reading Fifth Month : Teething hurts


Four Month: First family vacation with newborn

Nael's fourth month was a roller coster 🎢full of adventures, new experiences and crazy developments. First of all, nael went on a 5-day road trip with his dada dadi mama baba and chachu. We visited shogran, siri paaye, kaghan, naran, jheel saif-ul-mulook and way up to babusar top 🏔. Although he didn't came out of… Continue reading Four Month: First family vacation with newborn


Third Month: First trip to Pakistan

Almost everyone around me said that 'bas do months tough hote hen phr sab thek ho jaye ga' but i found this third month of Nael the toughest so far. With bakra Eid and our house shifting sath sath I find it difficult to manage Nael's routine. Also we travelled to Pakistan with him for… Continue reading Third Month: First trip to Pakistan


Second Month: A trip to Riyadh and baba’s patriotic lullabies

Nael's second month was a little difficult from first as he went through a growth spurt in his 6 weeks and also got baby acne on his face and head. The doctor said that its okay to have it at this age and will go on its own. It started shedding after a week as… Continue reading Second Month: A trip to Riyadh and baba’s patriotic lullabies